Don’t Give Up Luxuries – Use Daily Deals!

In a tough economy, more and more Americans are cutting their family budgets back in regards to entertainment and ”luxury” items.  This includes eating out, getting pampered, going on trips, etc.  Having to go without these things can lead to an unhappy family.  So, why go without if you don’t have to?!  SocialDealSpot will save you anywhere from 50 to 90% on your favorite things to do around town!  Are you at your wit’s end…tooling around the house with nothing to do?  Are the kids driving you crazy this summer already?  Need a housekeeping service? A night out on the town? Dinner? A new hairdo? A yoga class? Massage?  We’ve got deals for all those things… and more!

So, what are you waiting for?  Keep your sanity… sign up for our deal notifications today and we’ll keep you posted on things you can do around town.  Why give up luxuries if you can get them for cheap?  SocialDealSpot allows you to maintain the lifestyle you’ve been accustomed to, only for half the price!

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Help US Help YOU make $$ on our daily deals!

SocialDealSpot has an affiliate network that offers a 15% revenue share on each sale made by visitors to YOUR site.  That’s right!  You plop down one of our banners, then just sit back and watch the cash flow in.  It’s just as easy as that.  We’ll even track your referrals for 45 days… so even if they don’t purchase a deal right away, if they do so within this time frame, you still get a kickback!  

There’s nothing to lose; and our banners are designed to give your site a facelift!  They’ve been professionally designed and can easily be customized upon request.  So, what are you waiting for? Use your own website to earn some extra cash by referring people to our daily deals… you won’t be sorry!

Sample banner:

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Do You Want To See Your Business Featured Here?

SocialDealSpot will soon be launching in the Washington D.C. area with 1-day deals our subscribers won’t be able to refuse.  Is your company on the list to be featured?  Our opt-in subscriptions in the Washington D.C. area alone number over 695,000 (includes the areas of Northern Virginia and Montgomery County in Maryland) and these consumers are itching to take a bite of YOUR daily deal! 

The good news is that it’s easy to get featured.  Simply let your SocialDealSpot account executive know you’re interested and we’ll do all the leg work for you.  We will not only design and host your coupon (or daily deal) online, but we’ll also distribute it to all our local subscribers for you.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sales and new customers.  What other affordable marketing program gives you that kind of guarantee?  Let SocialDealSpot work for your business!

Go from this... this!

Click here for details.

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You can spend hours clipping coupons…

…. and save a few cents here and a few cents there, or you can subscribe to SocialDealSpot deals!  Not many newspaper coupons offer up to 90% savings; but we do.  Joining SocialDealSpot’s subcriber network is easy… simply give us your email address and tell us what city you live and and we’ll do the rest.  Once a day, you’ll receive notification of a daily deal in your area.  And, it’s not just any ol’ deal…we’re talking about a 50% savings at least, and up to 90% in some cases.  We partner with popular businesses in local areas to bring subscribers the best deals possible.  From salons and day spas to restaurants and entertainment venues, SocialDealSpot deals are sure to please even the pickiest consumer….because we offer something for everyone!  So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!

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Collective Buying Power at its Best

SocialDealSpot takes the power of group purchasing and maximizes its potential to bring you savings on the local activities you like best.  We also introduce you to new products/services you may not have tried without an intial discount.  And, when we say “discount”, we’re talking anywhere between 50-90% savings on regular prices!  You can’t beat that with a stick! 

Sign up now to receive notifications of deals in your local area. Although we’re launching in the Washington D.C. are first, it won’t be long before 49 other cities around the country are enjoying these fabulous opportunities!

See how SocialDealSpot works!

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Businesses Get Huge ROI for Participating in Daily Deals

Most business owners know that any opportunity to interact with a customer or client is an opportunity to snag their business for life.  Show them an extraordinary experience and they will keep coming back for more.  But, how do you gain the business of prospective clients who don’t know your business?  That’s where SocialDealSpot comes in!

Implementing a social media campaign for your business is essential in this day and age for targeting new customers.  And, what is a sure way to draw newbies to you, you ask?  Great deals!  The beauty of social media is in its very design – it’s viral.  Messages are “forwarded” and “retweeted” and “liked” at alarming rates.  If you want new customers, offer up some daily deals at 50% savings or more and I guarantee you, they will come!  And when they do, show them a great time and smother them with the best customer service you have to offer – they will be back for more… and so will their friends…and their friends’ friends….and their friends’ friend’s friends….

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Save up to 90% on Daily Deals

Let’s be honest… you can’t get savings like the ones SocialDealSpot offers just anywhere!  Our team seeks out the deals we know will be attractive to YOU.  We follow trends take suggestions from current subscribers before taking on any deal.  We also partner with local businesses within each targeted region in order to do our part to help boost local economies and to encourage consumers to frequent smaller businesses.

Our goal is to keep you coming back for more, so if you’re looking for a deal that we haven’t featured yet, please leave your comments below and we’ll do everything in our power to get you what you want. Except for world peace… that might be a challenge.

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The Benefits of Our Affiliate Network

Partnering up with SocialDealSpot to make money on your own site could not be easier!  Become an affiliate and you’ll get an icon to place on your site.  We’ll track all the visitors who click that icon and make a purchase on  Just sit back and collect your cut each month.  We pay a whopping 15% on each sale! 

 What have you got to lose?  Your visitors will WANT our deals!  If you’re on the fence about affiliating with us… please keep in mind that SocialDealSpot only partners with reputable and sought-after businesses.  These first-class companies offer consumers deals of up to 90% savings.  It’s a win-win situation.  If you have a web site with healthy traffic, this is a deal you shouldn’t pass up!

Click here for details regarding our Affiliate program.

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Why should businesses partner with SocialDealSpot?

SocialDealSpot is a very useful marketing tool for today’s savvy businesses. Through online exposure, we offer the most effective way to increase a business’s  customer base.  And, the best part is: there is no upfront expense!  Unlike other product/service marketing program (advertisments, print coupons, etc.), SocialDealSpot guarantees a minimum number of vouchers sold before the deal is valid.  We let our business partners decide how many customers they want to give their “deal” to. 

Hundreds of thousands of opt-in subscribers will see our partners’ promotions each day.  If they “share” these promotions with their friends/family via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs), our audience multiplies tremendously.  Saving at least 50% on something during a tough economy is not easy to pass up and consumers these days have become very frugal.  Not only does SocialDealSpot provide you with prospective customers, we also market your products for you – how can you go wrong with a deal like that?!

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How do these voucher things work?

Millions of people are taking advantage of daily deals online every day.  But, there are still those newbies who have no idea how the process works.  So, for those of you who are a little clueless, here’s a quick rundown:

1. Subscribe (or opt-in) to our deal notifications
2. See a deal you can’t pass up
3. Click the “buy now” button
4. Make your purchase
5. We’ll send you a voucher to present to the business offering the deal

Rinse, and repeat. :)   Be careful, it can become addicting.

Words to the wise: be sure to read the fine print carefully.  Some deals are only applicable for certain days of the week or at certain locations.

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